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Starting of VZ is very simple.

Make sure your shortcut's Start in: point to VZ folder - all plugins and output drivers searched from current directory.

VZ has to parameters to run:

  • -f define scene to load after vz.exe startup (usefull for automatic scene load)
  • -c overrides config file used. By default used vz.conf file from current location - using this option its able to override used config file.

During running VZ produce a lot of messaging information. Sometime it's cause performance degradation. To avoid this its possible to redirect outputs to files:

vz.exe >log_std 2>log_err

Another usefull things is running vz from batch file, for example batch file task1.bat starts vz with defined scene and config:

vz.exe -f ./task1/project.xml -c ./task1/no_video.conf >log_std 2>log_err
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