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This site is used as a store of interesting projects and researches done by our staff during some years of working in company.


Software projects

  • Video specific software
    • vz - (ViZualizator) Real-Time TV graphics production system.
    • airrec - Yet another PVR.
    • psvbi - Pseudo VBI - encoding data into visible part of TV signal
    • repl_sched - Sheduled video replacer (DV playout + Scheduler + Switcher controller)
    • VirtualDub filters - set of additional plugins for VirtualDub for auxilarity
    • Watch2Convert - watch folder frontent for ffmpeg.
    • mpng - Motion PNG codec
    • s3tc - S3TC family codecs: DXT5, DXT3
  • System oriented software
    • pmf - Procmail's MIME filter
    • caa4nnrpd - Complex Authentification and Authorization for nnrdp (NNTP deamon)
    • ppf - Printer Port Forwarder

Hardware Projects

  • Sync Driver - LTC decoder, tv signal reference detector.
  • GPI pulser - Atmel's microcontroller based system for translating GPI's front to fixel length pulse.
  • PS/2 repeater - extend usage PS/2 interface devices on long distance.
  • RS232-RS422 - RS-232 to RS-422 interface convertor.
  • Remote Control Panel



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